Take a second to reflect on WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from winning the weight loss game once and for all. Can it be that you are paralyzed with what to do ...

Clean Eating 101

People are always asking me “how do I lose weight and keep it off”. They want to know my “secret” Why do they ask me???… well because I lost a ...

My journey

Did you ever stop to think where it all began. When it started: Even as a kid I thought I had to lose weight. As a teenager I was always ...


8 Truth’s on How to Lose Weight

1. Find your reason for losing weight. In the beginning the reason ...

All I Want For Christmas is to not gain weight!

Lets be honest… the Holiday season is upon us. For me that ...

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7 Day Sugar FREE Challenge

There is no better time than right now to get on track & purge the sugar. To get access to the FREE plan Click  here How this 7 day Sugar Free Challenge works. What you get is a simple menu, shopping list, recipes. You commit to exercise every day for 20 minutes, at home, no equipment necessary, […]

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Register for the 7 Day Sugar Free Challenge

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P90 is Officially Here!! What are the details and how can I get it?

The biggest buzz to hit the fitness world is happening now. This is a program that is created by Fitness trainer and expert Tony Horton.  You may also know him from workouts like P90X, and the 10 minute trainer. He has created some world class extreme home fitness programs.  But something is missing!  There are people out […]

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Real Life Game WINNERS!


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The Game Plan e-book

YES, I want to receive your FREE Weight Loss the Game Plan e-book as soon as it’s released! FREE Play Book Grocery shopping list to get you started! 5 day easy to follow menu Tips and tricks to help you WIN THE GAME once and for all!

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