Take a second to reflect on WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from winning the weight loss game once and for all. Can it be that you are paralyzed with what to do ...

Clean Eating 101

People are always asking me “how do I lose weight and keep it off”. They want to know my “secret” Why do they ask me???… well because I lost a ...

My journey

Did you ever stop to think where it all began. When it started: Even as a kid I thought I had to lose weight. As a teenager I was always ...


P90 is Officially Here!! What are the details and how can I get it?

The biggest buzz to hit the fitness world is happening now. This is ...

The Game Plan e-book

YES, I want to receive your FREE Weight Loss the Game Plan ...

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Real Life Game WINNERS!


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It all began for me with the original Power 90. So when I heard Tony Horton did a remake, of this classic, for the 21 century I was ecstatic! So here it is just released P90. You can do this program, even if you think you can’t do the others, and you may be right about […]

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Happiness is a learned skill

I have this crazy idea! Why not treat happiness as a skill? I mean, we learn all kinds of things in life, right? What do you suppose would happen if you start doing more of the things that make you happy, and less of the other things. For example, I love to read, and for […]

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Makes My Mouth Water!

I would never think to combine bacon with sweet potatoes.  I found this recipe on a Paleo website. I don’t follow the Paleo principle. I am much more flexible in my food that that. I personally don’t believe in eliminating whole food groups or think I should never have something again. Having said that, I […]

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Do this Every Morning

The thing I learned is that it’s not fair to be mad at my body for looking a certain way, feeling a certain way, and for it not to be able to do everything I want it to do, if I’m not willing to do everything possible to take great care of it. Weight loss […]

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